Battlefield 3 Loses $2,000,000 on Launch Day to Pirates

Launched on Tuesday, Battlefield 3 is already on the track to sell millions. But on the first day of release, torrent sites such as have released a crack into the game with over 30,000 people downloading it that first day alone. While not all 30,000 people would have bought the game without the crack, DICE can’t be happy with losing the sales of those who would have. Like most other games, it retailed for $60 and was downloaded by 30,000 people, so that’s just about $2,000,000 in lost sales to piracy on just the first day alone.

Those who play the multiplayer are in luck, because the cracked version of the game only gives the pirater’s access to the Single Player campaign. Due to the fact that EA’a new Origin system is required to play online, it’s unlikely that a multiplayer crack will be found.


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