#MW3 Campaign – Brief Final Thoughts *SPOILERS: READ IF FINISHED*

Overall, the campaign was quite exceptional. The action and the gameplay mechanics were great. You were always in the action and your were always shooting. The missions themselves were very good, innovative for the most part, but I felt they all ended the same way basically. Some of the things felt a bit recycled from MW2, but that’s okay One of the things I loved was showing No Russian again from the other man’s point of view.

The twists were pretty good, but not the greatest. When Soap went down, my first reaction was, “Seriously? AGAIN??” But then he died, and I did get a bit emotional. When I saw Makarov inside the helicopter, it was a true, “OH SHIT!” moment. I didn’t see that coming. But on to my last and most important point.

Aside from how great everything else was, the endings of the missions felt a bit redundant. I always had the feeling of, “Oh, he got away again” or “Oh, he wasn’t there again.” That’s how I felt for a large portion of the missions, until the end when we strangle him. It will be interesting to see how they continue the game now that this story is over…


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