The Xbox 360 App on iOS Hit Today

Image via Kotaku

I just downloaded this app before making this article, and it is very nice and sleek. In the Home screen, you see many of the same things as the console version, such as Gamer Spotlight, trailers, and a poll.

In the Social screen, you can view your friends list,and messages, edit your avatar, as well as participate in a newly added feature titled “beacons,” which is virtually a pager, allowing you to “call out” to your friends asking to play a game with them. As you might expect though, that game can’t be physically played on the iOS device itself.

Just like the previous two tabs, Games is very similar in functions to its console counterpart. You can view your games and achievements, which when an unlocked achievement is tapped, it will hover aver your avatar.

You can get this app here for free from the App Store!


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