‘The Last of Us’ Supposed to be Revealed at E3

Do any of you remember the Uncharted 3 Easter Egg teasing towards ‘The Last of Us?’ Well that was implemented before E3 2011, when the PlayStation exclusive was to be unveiled, according to a Eurogamer interview. That Easter Egg was completely forgotten about after they pulled the unveil, and was found by gamers but dismissed due to Naughty Dog being a “one game studio” with the Uncharted franchise. It was brought back to light before the VGA’s, and Co-President Evan Wells said, “it never crossed our mind that putting an easter egg like that in Uncharted 3 would rat us out.”

Another note-worthy slip-up was when project and creative director Neil Druckmann lost his iPad on a plane which contained the VGA debut trailer. To their luck however, nothing came of it. Days before the VGA’s, Wells emailed staff before the announce to warn not to slip it up on Facebook or Twitter, noting: “Don’t be that guy.”

According to a USA Today Article, The Last of Us is set to release in either late 2012 or early 2013 for PS3.

Thanks, VG247


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