Get Your Face in Max Payne 3

Now that Rockstar has detailed the multiplayer in Max Payne 3, the company is building faces to occupy those story-based sequences. To that end, they’re opening a “casting call” to let your mug appear in the game.

The details specify that the promotion will take place over Twitter. Every week until January 13, Rockstar will select ten random Twitter users who mentioned their game using the #MaxPayne3 hashtag. Rockstar will send a tweet or direct message to request a photo, and you’ll have 48 hours to respond. The company will pick two faces each week, for a total of eight, and they’ll be immortalized as gang members.

The official rules are careful to note that there are no prizes, and therefore doesn’t call it a “contest.” To give yourself the best chance of being included, you should make sure your picture is clear and well-lit; Rockstar compares it to a passport photo. Finally, you’ll have to sign some legal documents to allow them to use your face.

Via ShackNews


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