Kinect Star Wars to Have Dancing Mini-Games

The ESRB released it’s certificate on Star Wars Kinect!

In this action game, based on the Star Wars universe, players use their body movements to perform activities,

Alright, that all makes sense right? Classic stuff, pretty standard.

that include dance tournaments,

Oh dear God. Just, uh-oh. It goes on to say some very troubling things:

In the dancing mini-game, some female characters perform suggestive moves (e.g., gyrating their hips/buttocks) and wear revealing outfits (partially exposed cleavage/buttocks). The words “damn” and “hell” can be heard in the dialogue.

That sounds like no good to me. It appears that they are trying to gear themselves to the more sexually deprived crowd, but that’s just my interpretation. But regardless of that, the idea of dance tournaments seems kind of fun, it’ll be nice to be able to let out my inner Jedi dance moves.



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