Skyrim Breaks 10 Year Old UK Record Becoming Christmas Number 1

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim can add yet another accomplishment to its growing list, after recently announcing that they shipped 10 million units. The game has become the United Kingdom’s number one charted game for Christmas. While Call of Duty tends to have the dominant Christmas sales, Skyrim was able to thwart the newly released Modern Warfare 3 after a few weeks.

Starting after 2002, every Number 1 game has gone to a game made by EA or Activision. The last time it went to a non-EA/Activision game was in 2002 with the release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The trend started back in 2003 with EA’s ‘Medal of Honor: Rising Sun.’ Since then, the top Christmas Chart titles include: NFS: Underground 2 (2004), NFS: Most Wanted (2005), FIFA ‘07 (2006), CoD 4: Modern Warfare (2007), FIFA ‘09 (2008), CoD: Modern Warfare 2 (2009), and CoD: Black Ops (2010).

I am a huge lover of Call of Duty, but do plan on getting Skyrim the day after Christmas. I have heard and read great things about it, so I trust the experience will be truly mesmerizing. I am getting Xbox LIVE right after Christmas, so that whole week afterwards I will be streaming games like Modern Warfare 3 and Skyrim, so stay tuned!

Via Destructoid and GameInformer


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