Half-Life 3 Site Is a Hoax

A supposed teaser site for Half-Life 3 appeared today, popping up on a site calling itself Black Aperture. The site displays only a Half-Life 3 logo, and Valve’s trademark information, as well as a link to the Orange Box site. If you run a whois in the site, you’ll see that it’s registered to a David Hassen through Network Solutions, seemingly unconnected to Valve.

Given Valve’s style, it’s doubtful that they would blatantly toss up a logo with a bunch of legal disclaimers. For a game like Half-Life 3, there’s no way fans won’t be made to jump through hoops before they get that sweet, sweet confirmation.

Thanks, Destructoid

UPDATE: I was talking to a friend of mine on Twitter, loveassassin13, who happens to be a coder, here’s what he had to say:

@TacticalitySq: After looks at the supposed teaser site’s code, they not only used Deprecated Tags instead of CSS, which are almost never used anymore, they also forgot to do the most basic of basic things which is close the body and html tags. So the website was most likely made by someone with old or no previous web design experience, making me think it’s fake.


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