Modern Warfare 3 Player Gets 76 Kills in 1 Minute

Many people would say that Modern Warfare 3 is broken, but I hesitate to use that word. People always complaining annoys the piss out of me. Does Modern Warfare 3 need fixing? Yes, but I refrain from using the work broken. Anyways, as you all know, spawn camping has become a huge part of MW3, especially on Dome. Need an example? Here you go:


We have contacted fourzerotwo, the Infinity Ward Community Manager, for comment. We will keep you updated.

UPDATE: Not to sound like a Call of Duty fanboy or anything of the nature, but what makes me more angry than these spawns is the man behind the video complaining. He talks about how people are “clearly” quitting Call of Duty, yet they sold 16 million copies in 2 weeks, setting another record the biggest launch in entertainment history. I agree that many are switching from Call of Duty to Battlefield, but the nature of his commentary is to much complaining for me. If he hates the game so much, he should get off and play something he likes. /end rant


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