Premium ELITE Members Get Double XP and Prestige Token for Holidays

If you are a Premium Call of Duty Elite Subscriber, then Christmas seems to have come a bit early for you. Beachhead Studio and the Call of Duty Elite team sent out an email earlier this afternoon saying that those who qualify get some nice gifts that have already been deposited into your account. You get an extra two hours of Double XP that will kick in the next time you play the game, and a Prestige Token that can be redeemed for more XP time or other perks in the game’s Prestige Shop.

Some quick tips:

  • To see how much Double XP time you have left, go into Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer menu and choose “Barracks,” and look for the gold XP icon at the bottom of your stats.
  • To access your Prestige Token, again access your “Barracks” from the same multiplayer menu and then choose Prestige Shop to see what you can buy with it.

Thanks, Kotaku

UPDATE: Some of you have told us that this information is incorrect due to OneOfSwords saying this:

Correction: Looks like double XP and prestige token are specifically for FOUNDERS on @CallOfDutyElite. My bad. Still, nice surprise gift!

However the official Call of Duty Elite twitter has said this:

Our holiday gift for Premium members includes 2 hours of Double XP and a Prestige Token in #MW3. Enjoy!

We contacted OneOfSwords for further explanation and he said that he “was told it was founders only but I am asking,” so for now we will believe the official tweet from ELITE, but if anything new comes up we’ll have it here!


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