DICE Talks Battlefield 3 Issues and New DLC

If you play Battlefield 3 on the PlayStation 3, then you are most likely very familiar with the two main issues that fans are complaining about, being input lag and VoIP. DICE had this to say regarding the VoIP issues: ”we are investigating the root cause and possible solutions for PS3 VoIP. We ask for your patience while this is worked out.” Those comments make us debate whether the input lag issue will even be addressed in the near future, some fans saying that DICE needs to get their issues prioritized and fix what is most important first. In regards to multiple other bugs, DICE assures us that they are looking into them. One of the issues that is affecting all platforms is where the player spawns without any weapons, which DICE claims is “a known bug.” Another issue that users are reporting is a black screen appearing when starting up new maps from the Back to Karkand expansion pack, DICE stating again, “yes, we are currently looking into a solution for this issue.”

Onto a light topic now however! When it comes to video games, FPS especially, DLC is a huge fan-favorite. Due to recent rumors of a Dinosaur Mode, DICE admits that a “[Tryannosaurus Warfare Pack] has definitely been a trending suggestion.” In case you’re wondering what that is about, in one of the Battlefield 3 teaser videos several months ago they featured a little dinosaur. The rumors came back due to the same little dinosaur being on Wake Island, along with the Battlefield 2143 hint. They even suggest posting it in the “Battlelog’s wish list to develop support from others.” Other fans have suggested some sort of snow-themed map pack including unlockable camouflages. To many, this may seem like a reasonable suggestion considering there are no snow-covered maps in Battlefield 3, something that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 did quite well. However, DICE stated that “that’s a definite possibility!”

Sources: MP1st


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