Digital Warfare 24/7 Releases Their MW3 Class Creator!

Digital Warfare 24/7 has released their 3rd Class Creator for Call of Duty, and given that Call of Duty is an annual game, we’ll just call it the 3rd annual creator. The nice part is that creating a callsign is incredibly easy! Depending on which game you want to create one for (MW2, Black Ops, or MW3), you can click the links to the left and follow the instructions. Basically, you will fill in the slots, with any combination options you want, with your Clan Tag, username, weapons, perks, etc. and click the “Generate Image!” button, giving you a nice and clean callsign.

Whether you want to put in the class that you can’t wait to get, or the one you destroy with, it doesn’t matter! Either will work! You can then use these callsigns in forums, videos, or just send them to people to let them know what you dominate with! Given that I just got my new MW3 Xbox 360, my Black Ops and MW2 callsign’s are a bit off since I have a new account. However, these are what I used to roll with. Be sure to head over to DW247’s Twitter or Forums if you need any help, and with the links above, create your very own callsign!


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