Nintendo, Sony, and EA Stop Supporting SOPA

At some point in the past month, there was an update to the list of “Stop Online Piracy Act” supporters, revealing Nintendo, Sony, and EA have removed themselves from endorsing the proposed bill. Both Sony and Nintendo had been on the list in November, so it is unknown exactly when they changed attitudes towards the act. In Sony’s case, they may have taken there name off in the past few days in regards to the hacker group ‘Anonymous’ threatening to being down their network again.

It is unknown exactly why the others revoked their support, maybe because they got common sense knocked into them and crumbled to the public perception of them. They may have understood the consequences of the bill, which would see sites taken down or blocked, and maybe even lawsuits, if even just a handful of the content was deemed illegal. Keep in mind that the bill is incredibly vague, so as drafted, it would also compromise Internet security by taking apart the DNSSEC initiative the US government has wanted to prevent domain name poisoning attacks.

Via Electronista



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