New Call of Duty Iron Wolf Website Emerges

The rumor mill has heated up again, this time with Call of Duty. After previous Iron Wolf rumors, a website has been released with the supposed Iron Wolf logo on it. It is fake for many reasons (listed in the video), but leaves a few easter eggs in the site’s coding. Like with the fake Half-Life 3 website, loveassassin13 has returned with some words of wisdom:

The website was coded in a professional way, and there are a few interesting easter eggs in the site code, all leading back to something relating to The Iron Wolf organization, or wolves in general… oh and The Matrix.

In the video, I promised the poem in a blog post, so here you go:

"You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how
deep the rabbit-hole goes."

And of Gediminas, who on Ponary's crest,
Warm in hunter's bearskin, lay down to rest.
Soothed by the songs of the wise Lizdejko,
Lulled by the rush of the sweet Vilejko,
He saw a wolf of iron in his dreams.

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