Happy New Years from The Tacticality Squad! View our 2011 Stats!

It is January 1st and 2012 is officially here! This is our first post of 2012, and what better way to start it off than some stats about 2011? These are all our statistics regarding referrals, views, clicks, etc., so scroll down and see what we see!

Top 5 Search Engine Terms Leading to our Blog:

1. “Battlefield 3” – 48 views

2. “Skyrim Creation Kit” – 26 views

3. “Call of Duty Iron Wolf” – 26 views

4. “Battlefield 3 icon” – 20 views

5. “Rainbow 6 logo” – 9 views

Most Searched Game Leading to our Blog:

Basically, we get all the search terms of 2011 that led to our blog and put them in a category based on what game they are referring to!

“Battlefield 3” – 97 Google/Bing/Yahoo! searches resulting in 185 blog views

Most Clicked Link on our Blog:

Our broken link to the download of Battlefield 3’s Physical Warfare Pack on the Xbox Marketplace, bringing in 25 clicks. The closest link afterwards had only 4.

Top 5 Most Viewed Pages on our Blog:

Besides our Home Page, bringing in 208 views, we list the top 5 viewed pages on our blog!

1. Call of Duty: Iron Wolf is in Development for “New Console” – 81 views

2. Battlefield 3 Loses $2,000,000 on Launch Day to Pirates – 77 views

3. #BF3 Physical Warfare Pack Now Available on Xbox LIVE – 68 views

4. Modern Warfare 3 Leaked DLC Images – 67 views

5. Skyrim Creation Kit Confirmed For Launch Next Month – 63 views

Top 2 Referrers:

1. Search Engines

  • Google – 460 views
  • Bing – 32 views
  • Yahoo! – 20 views

2. Twitter – 335 views


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