3G Plans for PlayStation Vita Revealed

AT&T has the honor of hosting the PS Vita’s 3G service, and as of now, there are the following two plans:

250MB of data – $14.99/month
2GB of data – $25/month

AT&T told GameZone that streaming YouTube, which currently does not work with the Vita, or music will run your monthly usage up pretty high. However, playing games online shouldn’t be that taxing since the game is already predownloaded or running from a cartridge, though it was still recommended to get the 2GB plan if the Vita would be use extensively. To me, at the current plans, the 2GB option is clearly the best. For those of you who aren’t aware, 250MB is 1/4 of a GB. So by default, 250MB is 1/8 of 2GB. So if we double 250MB and it’s price, it would cost $30 for 500MB (assuming they continue the same pricing scheme), or you could get 2GB for $25. Let me ask you, which seems better? 2GB, I thought so. The downside to the 2GB plan is that it would cost $300 per year, but plans don’t require a contract and are paid on a month to month basis.


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