A Look at Twisted Metal’s Nearly-Finished Box Art

David Jaffe, co-founder of the original team to create Twisted Metal, Eat Sleep Play, has released the box art for the new Twisted Metal, releasing February 14th, 2012. He said he was releasing it due to GameStop putting it up on their site already. He says it’s not 100% complete, more like 95% as they will most likely add a copter to the front and adjust the hair a bit.

Jaffe even put up five rear options, stating that they’re about 80% locked on all of them, besides some obvious text errors and missing information. He put up a poll, closed now, that received 2,967 votes. We will present each vote and percentage next to the option titles. A very large majority seemed to like Option C.

Rear Option A: 548 votes (18%)

Rear Option B: 398 votes (13%)

Rear Option C: 1448 votes (48%)

Rear Option D: 213 votes (7%)

Rear Option E: 365 votes (12%)

Source: David Jaffe’s Blog


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