Modern Warfare 3 Patches and Nerfs for End of January

Robert Bowling was on Twitter on January 4th, replying to fans from all over on the future of MW3’s multiplayer. Robert Bowling covered a large variety of topics, given that gamers now-a-days have a large amount of things they want fixed. Highlighted below are the main things he discussed. Please note that the tweets we have copied down have the @fourzerotwo or @(the person who tweeted) already implied, thus why they are not displayed below.

@StatussQuo: hi when will you and your team begin to think about weapon changes? especially fixing the yy #FixTheYY
@fourzerotwo: We’re discussing weapon balancing but no plans to re-introduce YY.

@ttam110: any discussion on fading objective markers when ADS, adjusting music volume in game, or fixing lag comp? Ignore the haters!!
@fourzerotwo: Yes, we’re discussing all three. Further lag comp updates are happening for sure though.

@Brodizzleee: aswell as doing that you should consider nerfing: assassin, striker, fmg9, mp9, type 95. Also buff the shotguns except striker.
@fourzerotwo: Assassin (No nerf), Striker (possible nerf), FMG9 (probable nerf), mp9 (No), Type 95 (possible nerf), Shotguns (possible buff)

@Duh_KinG: Tweet is unknown, seems to have been deleted. Please note the time period at the end of 402’s response however.
@fourzerotwo: It will be in the next #MW3 update. No date set yet, but I’ll let you know when I know. (aiming by end of Jan.)

@_AmenRa: HD Theater Uploads to YouTube via PS3?
@fourzerotwo: Yes sir, that’s included in the theater improvements coming.

@Jaacob_D: Oh wow lol, you replied. Really sorry. FMG’s still seem to kill really fast and Support killstreak. Can’t there be a limit (c)
@fourzerotwo: Yes, we’re looking at rebalancing the FMGs further. I’ll let you know what we decide and when that might happen.

@pjmara5: Robert, Type 95’s 2 shot kill ability is becoming a huge problem. Any chance of damage reduction??
@fourzerotwo: We’ve already nerfed it slightly however we continue to discuss it.

@yanniretsos: can u nerf the recon drone so it dosnt keep u on the raidar perminitly like aft 30-45 secs it wares off
@fourzerotwo: No plans to nerf the Recon Drone, it needs all the help it can get.

@chuckie91NL: Please answer Robert, why is there so much lag in MW3? I’m rage like hell, this is not fun anymore.
@fourzerotwo: We’re always looking at improvements we can make to gameplay performance. As well as adjusting “lag compensation” still.


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