iPad 3 Coming in March; iPad 4 in October

Technology giant Apple will release two new iterations of the iPad this year, says the component makers from Taiwan. They say that they will release the iPad 3 in March, flaunting an improved display (1536 x 2048 pixels) and longer battery life. Doing this will cut the price of the iPad 2, down to US $399. As you can clearly see, that is not all that big of a difference between it and it’s predecessor. I assume they are doing this for those that are sufficed with their current version and just want the small update, y’know those not interested in the larger leap.

This large leap is supposed to come in autumn of this year, it’s known as the iPad 4. Now, that’s not the name the consumers are giving it, that’s the name that the industry sources in Taiwan gave it. None of this iPad 2.5 or iPad 3s nonsense. The 9.7 inch iPad 4 is supposed to have “much upgraded” hardware and “integrated applications”, enabling it to destroy entry-level amateur devices such as the Kindle Fire and Google’s upcoming tablet, all the while allowing it to compete with the army of new Android and Windows 8-based tablets due fourth-quarter 2012.

Keep in mind that this is all rumor and we can’t be sure.

via Eurogamer and DigiTimes


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