Back in January of 2010, I was listening to some of the great YouTube commentators such as Hutch, Seannaners, Trumpfy, etc. and thought up the idea, “What if I was that famous?” So after I thought that up, I sat in my room for three hours consulting my brain on what the best channel name could be. My favorite game at the time was Modern Warfare 2, so I felt it had to be MW2 related. I didn’t really know what to name it and I wasn’t very sophisticated in FPS terminology like I am now, so I couldn’t name it LEE7 or anything like that, so what I did (no joke) was type all of the guns, perks, equipment, special grenades, characters, etc. into an excel document and used a random number generator to pick three of the ‘items’ listed, and count them as my finalists. The finalists consisted of ‘Riot Shield’, ‘Chopper Gunner’, and ‘Tactical Insertion’. I knew that Riot Shield was something I absolutely despised so that was out of the question. I didn’t feel the Chopper Gunner was as catchy as Tactical Insertion, so I went with that. Since YouTube only allows single word names, I just connected the two into TacticalInsertion.

After that, we had great success and by and May of 2011 we had 1.5 thousand subscribers. Things were looking great, we had uploaded the Call of the Dead Paradise Easter Egg, getting us over 500 subscribers in less than 1 week. Sadly, that came crashing down when we got our 3rd Copyright Infringement Strike for uploading an unreleased trailer. We were out of a YouTube at that moment and we just felt horrible, so we packed up our things and quit gaming deleting out blog and going idle on out Twitter and FaceBook accounts. However, we couldn’t stay away for long, so we created this blog. We bought all new Xbox’s and created a new YouTube channel, TheTacticalitySquad. We got new members, dedicating them to several different things, and began to focus on gaming. We uploaded some of our first videos until our capture card broke, leaving us out of luck once again. Good news though, this Christmas, we are getting a Hauppauge 1212 and will be uploading full HD videos and pleasing all of our viewers!

Hey guys this is TheTacticalitySquad, and on our blog here we provide you will great gaming information. We provide all the major industry news from franchises like Call of Duty, Halo, and Battlefield, while giving you information on smaller news like new gaming apps or recent screenshots from a trailer that was released. Combined with our other networks, we can give you the full gaming experience that you wish to view, so be sure to follow this blog to stay caught up!


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