YouTube Channel – To see our full YouTube history, see here, but as for what we have in-store, it’ll be great! We are getting a Hauppauge 1212 shortly after Christmas, so that means we’ll be uploading Modern Warfare 3 Guides, Nazi Zombies videos, Battlefield gameplay, and much much more! Be sure to subscribe!

Twitter Profile – Our Twitter is that fastest and easiest way to stay in the loop. We tweet all the latest news not only from our blog, but we comment on recent world news and engage in conversation with anyone and everyone! We have over 14,000 tweets so you know you’ll be in the loop! Follow us here!

Website – On our site, we have all the information information about games that you are looking for, such as the Modern Warfare 3 Perks and Killstreaks, Nazi Zombies Characters, plus many more articles containing useful information! Check us out now!

Facebook Page – All of our blog posts get aggregated right onto our Facebook page, so if you don’t feel like getting email updates, like us here and get everything on that page!


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